Over twenty years ago, Sentry Surveillance Inc. began its journey to inform and educate business owners on the proper use of closed circuit television. Today, businesses of all sizes, sectors, industries and trades rely on Sentry Surveillance Inc.'s distinguished reputation and experience to provide them with the best possible state-of-the-art closed circuit television system and unsurpassed training and service for their investment.

Sentry Surveillance Inc. is a Georgia corporation servicing 17 states with their security and surveillance needs. Sentry is the only company that provides a full line of CCTV equipment and service designed to meet all of your retail, industrial, manufacturing, transportation, institutional, professional office, construction and residentail needs.

The founders and owners, Steve Dimitrious and Joe Lowe, have over 50 years of business experience and knowledge. Steve has traveled worldwide with his extensive background in business and finance. Joe has been associated with helping businesses prevent loss through the use of CCTV since 1979.


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